Foreign Exchange and Money Market

OTAP Projects have excellent knowledge about the Forex Market and money market instruments including:

– FX Spot and Forward


– FX OTC Options

– FX Option Structures / Structured Products

– FX accumulators



OTAP consultants have formerly been involved in the following FX related projects:

  • FX STP dealing system implementation for a private Bank in Luxembourg and Geneva
    – Project involved the roll out of T24 and an FX dealing system linked to Kondor+
  • Online FX trading systems for money center institution in Zurich
    – Project involved the roll out of en insourcing FX ecommerce platform for RM’s and External fund managers
  • STP High volume end, high value FX dealing system for a Central Bank
    – Testing FX dealing end Settlement system using Open link end T24 for a prestigious Central Bank. OTC FX Options
  • Analysis of FX options booking process for a Private Bank Singapore.