At Otap Banking consultants greet customers and answer all their banking questions, advise them on their financial accounts, and make recommendations regarding bank services. Banks, credit unions, and financial institutions hire banking consultants to work full-time shifts during banking hours, which typically means banking consultants work no weekends, evenings, or holidays. Banking consultants report to the senior bank consultant or bank manager and work independently within a collaborative team environment. Banking consultants typically work in offices within the bank and are rarely required to travel outside the bank to perform their normal job duties.

Banking consultants use customer service and sales skills to sell various financial services to customers and answer all customer questions. Banks and other financial institutions who hire banking consultants look for individuals who have the following specific skills and abilities:

  • Customer service – banking consultants use customer service skills to greet customers and guide them to the appropriate banking representatives
  • Communication skills – excellent communication skills are essential for banking consultants, who respond to customer questions and function within a team-oriented, collaborative work environment
  • Salesmanship – banking consultants use sales skills to promote various financial services and market-specific bank programs
  • Interpersonal skills – banking consultants use strong interpersonal skills to advise customers on various financial matters, make them feel at ease, and help them trust that their finances are in good hands
  • Computer skills – because so many banks use software programs and digital file systems, some basic computer skills are essential for banking consultants
  • Analytical thinking – banking consultants use strong analytical skills to assess the financial needs of individual customers and determine how to best serve those needs