Banks around the world are grappling with digital transformation, not just in IT systems but also their culture. The banking business model is undergoing change, from product distribution to risk management across retail and corporate banking.

The series looks at how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, are helping banks become more efficient and boost profitability. These new technologies will help banks better serve the millennial generation by providing personalised products and services.

In discussion:

Transforming the banking model through digitalisation – CaixaBank’s CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar, talks  about the profound effect that the digital transformation is having on the traditional banking business model, customer experience and the bank’s future strategy.

Business intelligence and new remote banking models –  Cristina Lázaro, head of business intelligence, CaixaBank, talks about leveraging data analytics to create an outstanding customer experience and boost branch productivity.

Using technology to improve the customer experience –  Mariona Vicens, corporate director, innovation and digital transformation, CaixaBank, talks about the emerging technologies that are making the biggest impact on financial services, including blockchain and data analytics.

Smart systems: how AI impacts business models and talent management – Pere Nebot, chief information officer, CaixaBank, talks about artificial intelligence, chatbots and robotics and managing the workforce of the future.

Winning the favour of millennials – David Urbano, head of imaginBank, talks about winning the hearts of millennials through the use of social media in banking.

In discussion with:

Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO, CaixaBank

Cristina Lázaro, head of CaixaBank business intelligence

Mariona Vicens, corporate director, innovation and digital transformation, CaixaBank

Pere Nebot, chief information officer, CaixaBank

David Urbano, head of imaginBank

The Banker Masterclass series is sponsored by CaixaBank but independently edited.

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